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ETKO carries out control and certification on Good Agricultural Practices with the authorization from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry and with the accreditation from TÜRKAK. Our Good Agricultural Practices department is at your service with experienced inspectors and certifiers in agricultural certifications.

Good Agricultural Practices are a form of agricultural production for the purpose of making agricultural production that does not harm the environment, human and animal health, protecting natural resources, ensuring traceability and sustainability in agriculture and food safety. With the agricultural production to be made with the Good Agricultural Practices technique, we not only provide healthy food to our people, but also leave natural resources such as soil and water, where they can produce healthy and sufficient food for future generations.


What Benefit Do Good Agricultural Practices Provide to the Producer?

▬ Because the products produced by the producer who produces according to Good Agricultural Practices are reliable in terms of health, they can find clients more easily and can be sold at higher prices.

▬   The producer, who produces according to Good Agricultural Practices, protects his soil from dangers such as erosion and salinization and has the chance to get plenty of products not only for a few years, but also continuously.

▬   The producer, who produces according to Good Agricultural Practices, has the advantage of paying lower interest rates up to 60% on the loans to be obtained from Ziraat Bank and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives.

▬   Producers and producer unions applying Good Agricultural Practices are primarily benefited from agricultural supports.  


How Is Production Made According to Good Agricultural Practices?

Good Agricultural Practices is a form of production under control and inspection. Producers or businesses that want to produce according to this system are under the control of the Provincial and District Directorates according to the regulation. For this; Control and Certification organizations provide information to the Ministry and the Provincial Directorate about the producers for which they issue certificates.

How to Get a Good Agricultural Practices Certificate?

Producers who want to have Good Agricultural Practices certificate can pass the inspection after applying the system they have established for at least three months. The producer will establish the production system in accordance with the Good Agricultural Practices Regulation by benefiting from a consultant or learning it himself. In order to pass the inspection, it will apply to a control and certification body authorized by the Ministry for its own production. It signs a contract with the authorized organizations and then the inspection process is carried out by the inspectors. After the inspection, if the producers fulfill all the conditions of the contract and the relevant regulation, the certificate is sent to the control and certification body, if the certificate is deemed appropriate, the certificate is issued.

The Good Agricultural Practices certificate can be obtained by the producers engaged in agricultural production and the companies packaging these products. Producers can obtain certificates individually or as a through producer group unions or cooperatives of which they are members.


What kind of service will be received from ETKO in this regard?

If you want to receive service from ETKO on Good Agricultural Practices, please fill in our "Application Form" and contact with us. Our organization is authorized by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry as a control and certification body in the fields of "Fresh fruits and vegetables" and "Field Crops". In addition, it is a control and certification body accredited by TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) on EN 45011.


         1.The operator has to confirm the information about the product
         2.In the first contact, giving general information and submitting the application form
         3.Operator application and evaluation of the application form
         4.Preparing and notifying the cost estimate
         5.Confirmation of the cost estimate


       1.The operator should prepare every document requested by ETKO as soon as possible.

       2.The operator submits Production Information
       3.Operator submits Working Information (Operating lines, Layout Plan etc. other documents)
       4.Completion of the Application File


       1.Determination of the inspection date and Inspector

       2.Inspection and Sampling of the Products
       3.Inspection of facilities (Warehouses, Documentation Station, Stock Status etc.)
       4.Inspection of Entry, Exit and Sales
       5.Preparation of the inspection report


   Personnel involved in the Approval of Inspection and Inspection Reports are not included in the   Certification. The Certification Committee is Independent. 

       1.Evaluation of the Inspection Report

       2.Certification Committee Approval
       3.Submitting of the Report and Certificate
       4.Starting of Sales Operations